700 Spirit ‘Ultrabudget’ Vetruvian Duelyst Decks

Hi there, Duelyrs! Its me, Arananthi, here to go over a quartet of Vetruvian decks, each costing 700 Spirit or less. Like the Songhai decks, a couple of these are good, and a couple are more iffy — but still easily capable of achieving Rank 10 for you with a bit of practice. Let’s dive right in!

The Vetruvian Pauper Plus

700 Spirit Vetruvian Upgrade

Commons Added: Siphon Energy (x2), Bone Swarm (x3), Orb Weaver (x3), Starfire Scarab (x2)

Rares Added: Fireblaze Obelysk (x3)

This deck plays a pretty solid control game. Aim for Pyromancers, Rock Pulverizers, or Ethereal Obelysks if you’re Player 1, or Orb Weavers, Fireblaze Obelisks, or (any 2 of that first list) if you’re Player 2. If you have a Pyromancer, drop it next to you turn 1 and then walk forward; the other two, walk forward and plop them down. (Exception: as player 2, walk 2 forward, put your non-Pyro on the Mana Spring, and your Pyro behind you, usually at an angle away from whichever side P1 dropped his minion on. )

From then on, the name of the game is controlling range.  Keep your Blast minions behind you, but keep everything else up on the front to keep the enemy distracted and away from your Blast homies.  Use Orb Weaver to get a little extra reach so you can summon dudes far away without having to walk your General into harm’s way — or, if you can, save them until you can put a Fireblaze Obelysk out — they gain the +1 Attack bonus from it, so it’s a super-efficient minion with 1 Fireblaze out and an absurd one if you can get 2 of them to stick. You have very little healing, and your best removal requires you to be in their face, so be careful with your life total. As long as you can get them to play your range game, you’ll win almost every time.


The Control Central

 700 Spirit Vetruvian Control

Commons Added: Bone Swarm (x3), Frostbone Naga (x3), Starfire Scarb (x2), Dancing Blades (x2)

Rares Added: Emerald Rejuvinator (x3)

If the first deck up there plays a good control game, this one cranks it up to 11. Laying down 5 Common minions that deal  damage upon entering play, this is a Vetruvian that isn’t afraid of enemy weenie rushes.  Just watch out for Frostbone’s AoE — it hits your stuff, too, so you’ll have to either summon it with your General and take the 2, or with a bigger body (Rejuvinator, Blades, Scarab) and have it suck up the damage.  But between the big tempo gains you can get by playing Frostbone and Blades well, the large amount of removal you have in Bone Swarm, Entropic Decay, and the free attacks from Blindscorch, and of course the healing from Rejuvinator and Healing Mystic, this deck can take a startling amount of abuse and hold out for a win.


The Draween Rush

 700 Spirit Vetruvian Draw-Ween

Commons Added: Primus Fist (x3), Orb Weaver (x3), Ash Mephyt (x2), First Sword of Akrane (x2) 

Rares Added: Inner Oasis (x3)

This deck is for the rebels. OK, so this deck admittedly doesn’t perform the way the first two do — it mostly wins by catching opponents off-guard, which means it does a little better once you get to rank 12ish and people start thinking ahead and planning on what your faction is known to do well.

Straight up nobody plays Inner Oasis, and if you sit back on turns 1-2 and pump out small minions without having them all die to Tempest or Plasma Shock, slapping down a 3-4th turn Inner Oasis and charging forward with a host of 2/5 something-or-others will often leave the opponent wondering how sane you are. But as the buffs from Primus First, First Sword, and First Wish keep raining down, you’ll net some decent victories out of pure shock value, and some indecent ones out of people who keep saving their Dispels for the inevitable Obelysks, Sacarbs, and Portal Guardians that you totally aren’t even wasting spots on.


The Answerer

700 Spirit Vetruvian Answerer

Commons Added: Siphon Energy (x3), Dunecaster (x3), Orb Weaver (x2), Starfire Scarab (x2)

Rares Added: Sand Howler (x3)

This deck attempts to do the impossible by having an answer to almost every situation. (Abyssian Wraithling swarms are a problem, but you literally can’t win them all.) Like many control decks, it suffers from the classic problem of drawing the wrong answer at the wrong time, so focus hard on predicting what you’ll need next turn and using Replace every single turn unless you’re sure your existing answers will do the job. The dream is to nail a Dunecaster targeting a Sand Howler — a 5/5 that can’t be targeted by spells is a HUGE problem in the early game for almost everyone. (Magmar’s Mana Burn still gets it, but see the previous parenthetical reference.)

Kind of like the Songhai Mechaz0r deck, this deck is still missing a few pieces to make it shine, but it’s the best iteration of a future solid archetype at this level of Spirit, and it’s worth playing a few games with it to see how it fits your playing style.


That’s all for now! Until next time, keep on Duelying!


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